8 Amazing Vegan Food Blogs You Need to Know About (Infographic)

When I first went vegan I had no idea where to start. I didn’t know that tofu was made out of beans and I thought that my days enjoying nachos, burgers, salad dressings, and decadent sandwiches were over. Early into my transition, I discovered that this wasn’t true but also fell into the trap of eating even more processed foods than I had in years. This is the best time to become a vegan in terms of vegan food alternatives. Cheese, mayo, mock meats, you name it, companies and start-ups are making it. And while that’s all well and good, it hasn’t been so great now that I’m determined to get back into good health and increase my fitness.

I lurk on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest a LOT. I’m always excited when I see colorful food pictures of find other vegans and/or plant based eaters online. The community is awesome and the recipes these people come up with is outstanding!

I wanted to showcase just some (8 to be exact) of the recent food blogs I’ve been enamored with and go back to for recipes and inspiration.

8 amazing vegan food blogs

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Here are links to all of the blogs mentioned above. Happy eating!

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