Easy Vegan Ranch

I’m pretty sure 80% of vegetables are only eaten because they are dipped in ranch dressing. Okay, I’m totally making that up but can you imagine a veggie tray without the stuff? People would be appalled. I’ve looked high and low for vegan ranch at every grocery store near me, it just doesn’t exist…yet. At first, as a new vegan, I would often stomp my foot and huff and puff and throw a little mental tantrum but then I realized that not only is it incredibly easy to make your own dressing but it’s totally doable. So I tried it, and it’s amazing, I use it at least two times a week.


I’ve fallen in love with JustMayo. You can find it more and more places now, like Target and even Walmart. They also have Chipotle and Garlic varieties and it tends to be a little cheaper than vegenaise (although I love that stuff, also!)

Easy Vegan Ranch
An easy vegan ranch recipe using Just Mayo!
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  1. 3-4 heaping TBSP JustMayo or your favorite vegan mayonnaise
  2. 1/2 tsp onion powder
  3. 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  4. A splash of almond or soy milk
  5. Dill weed seasoning to taste
  1. Combine mayo and spices, mix well
  2. Add in almond milk until desired consistency
  3. Sprinkle in dill weed to taste
  4. Serve immediately over salad or with veggies or refrigerate
  1. This recipe makes enough for a giant salad to share - think 2-3 heads of chopped romaine
  2. *******
  3. A runnier dressing is best for salads where you want to coat the entire bowl
  4. For dips with veggies or cauliflower wings, use more mayo and less almond milk for a thicker consistency
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 So now that you have ranch at your fingertips, what should you put it on? For starters, you should probably try it with some Cauliflower Buffalo or BBQ Wings.


Or you could add it to a salad like these:



big salad