What I’m Eating: Volume 2

Fall is slowly approaching and I couldn’t be happier. The humidity is starting to die down and the cool air is moving in. Did I ever mention how much I love the rain and foggy cold days? They energize my soul. Being out on the East Coast has only increased my awareness that I’m not a sun baby. In fact, I seem to get moody and depressed the longer the sun stays around. Just another reason to get back to Seattle someday 🙂

But with the new season comes the wondrous plight of the pumpkin. It will be everywhere and I will eat it everywhere. Pumpkin me up! Just the other day I decided to make some pumpkin oatmeal and it was fantastic and without all that processed crap. You can find the recipe here but I’ll tease you with the photo for now.


I’ve also been on a major potato kick. As I eat more plant based, I want more plant based things and my potato cravings have been nonstop! I ate a 5lb bag of potatoes this past week and just bought a 10lb bag, let’s do this. For this first bout of tatos, I just heated them up in the microwave on the potato setting (about 6 minutes) and then topped them with brown mustard. I also steamed 2 cups of broccoli and topped them with nutritional yeast flakes to make “cheesy” broccoli. Nutritional yeast or “nooch” is super yummy and gives that nutty cheesy taste to any dish. It’s also filled with nutrients like vitamin B12. That glob of awesome on the side is hummus. All of this together is heaven and only 400 calories. Real food! 



As you can see, the potato force has been strong with me this week. 




I’ve also been obsessed with wraps these days. Once you find your favorite tortilla, it’s so easy to create an easy system for making a super healthy and easy meal. Tortilla + romaine lettuce + dressing/sauce + veggies/beans/protein = easy meal! I used bigger flour tortillas, chopped romaine lettuce, my homemade vegan ranch, and then a chopped veggie burger. They are so warm, filling, and flavorful, you can even wrap them up and take them on the go. Here are a couple that I made recently:




With a virgin bloody mary!

I’ve also been having a fun time seeing what my options are (and often getting a little creative) when we order food or go out. It’s been surprisingly easy! Take a look at this vegan panini I got from Panera! Panera is great for customizing any order, especially when you order online like we often do and then go pick it up. I ordered the Frontega Chicken Panini which comes on foccacia bread, and instead of the chicken, mayo, etc, I added the following: basil, spicy brown mustard, extra tomatoes, avocado, and extra onions. I also added some Just Mayo at home. It’s so glorious it’s my new go-to at Panera.


We also went out to a Japanese Steakhouse the other night and I was like well, $%#* how am I going to eat anything? But it was so easy and one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. I ended up getting veggie spring rolls and vegetable tempura (I mean, deep fry anything and it’s amazing lol). Then for my main course I got Sweet Potato Maki and Green Maki which had avocado, asparagus, and cucumber.




So there’s the roundup for now. I ate so many other amazing vegan meals that I will need to share soon.